AD 485 Foundations: Theories and Practices

Course Description: Utilizing a range of analytical and practical frameworks this course includes an intensive examination of the methods, production, values, philosophies and theories surrounding art and design.

Instructional Goals

  • Analyze and evaluate the range of theories of art and design.
  • Synthesize and evaluate methodology for the creative process.
  • Evaluate the value of art and design and examine how “value” is determined.
  • Contextualize art and design within a cultural system.
  • Understand that interpreting art and design is interdisciplinary.
  • Critically evaluate and assess art and design.

Required Methods

  • Exposure to a survey of prevailing theories of art and design
    1. aesthetics
    2. representation and realism
    3. expressionism, formalism
    4. spiritualism
    5. psychoanalysis
    6. documentary/biography/autobiography
    7. iconography
    8. marxism
    9. feminism
    10. structuralism and semiotics
    11. deconstruction: modernism and postmodernism
    12. community and commodity
  • Examination of art and design with regards to theoretical aspects
    1. art, design and identity: race, class, gender, memory & artifacts, spirituality, post colonialism
    2. art, design and ethics: sustainability, authorship, social networking & collaboration, globalism
    3. art, design and business: art vs. design vs. craft, entertainment, protest & persuasion, commerce & consumerism, art as cultural capital, public funding
  • Evaluate art and design from a synthesis of interpretive methods: structure; production; interpretation and reception; function, meaning, and response
  • Effectively synthesize a methodology of analysis-research-iteration and evaluate its effectiveness

Course Outcomes

  • Analyze a range of theories as they apply to specific works, historical movements, and modes of production in Art & Design
  • Formulate a methodology for the creative process which includes analysis-research-iteration and evaluate its effectiveness
  • Critically evaluate and assess art and design via written criticism
  • Critically evaluate and assess art and design via verbal assessment