Art & Design Students Receive Honorable Mentions in Design Competition

Two NMU Art and Design Students have received Honorable Mentions in the Windsell Rotational Molding National Product Design Student Competition. The competition gives students exposure to top companies, employers, and potential clients. this year the category was, “Outdoor Living Activities”.

Human Centered Design students, Levi Schwamlien and Jordan Jenkins both were recognized for their designs. The representative from the competition stated, “This has been a record-breaking year for the number of designs submitted.  Levi and Jordan’s designs stood out and were very well done.”

Jordan Jenkins submitted the design, “Barrier Bath” a dual function birdbath.

“Barrier Bath” by Jordan Jenkins

Levi Schwamlien submitted the design, “SteadFast” a yard game component, for footbag golf.

“SteadFast” by Levi Schwamlien

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