Computer Art Alumni Participates in Residency

Computer Art alumni Adrian Rivera is completing a residency as part of the Ayatana Artistic Research Program. The residency, Biophilia, is focused on the education and enrichment of artists through exposure and interaction with specialists working in biology. During the residency, the artists met with various scientists working in many different fields such as insect acoustics, biohacking, botany, mycology, and ornithology. The resident artists of the Biophilia Residency will take part in a group exhibtion in Ottawa, Ontario later in 2015/2016.

Rivera’s work (seen below) is derived from a source object or concept, the structures grow and deform in response to it’s surroundings. As new structures are formed pre-existing ones may shift and bend in the wake of new matter. As aspects of the natural world are imitated, the organisms have the ability to take forms not seen before by removing control and allowing living matter to grow onto the structures created.

Clathrus 4  Coyotl

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