Digital Cinema Alum Create Music Video

Digtial Cinema Alumni Josh Quigley and Dusan Harminc created a new music video for musician Haley Bonar’s new song “From a Cage”. Directed by Josh, the video delivers a crosscut between a girl in a rowboat (who ages from infant to adult) and the singer Bonar delivering a vocal performance while walking through the woods towards the lake. Dusan adds many haunting moments through his beautiful and well executed cinematography.

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Digital Cinema Raises Bar with Scarlet RED Camera

NMU digital cinema majors now have access to a camera and editing equipment that utilize the same 4K video technology featured in House of Cards, Gone Girl, The Hobbit series and other projects. The School of Art and Design recently purchased a $30,000 RED Scarlet Mysterium-X camera kit. It can be customized in various configurations to suit project needs and shooting styles—from handheld documentary styles to studio set productions. The camera also is capable of recording high-resolution RAW files.

Daric Christian (Art and Design) said the RED camera is designed well and features a user-friendly touch screen. At a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels, 4K offers four times the detail of high-definition at 1920x1080p.

“The nice thing about shooting RAW files is that it gives you a lot of flexibility in the editing suite,” said Daric Christian (Art and Design). “When working in HD projects, you can crop the video or scale down to HD without sacrificing quality. The camera also has a larger sensor, which offers greater detail, low-light sensitivity and a wider range of color control. You can make it darker or brighter or change the contrast in post-production without diminishing the detail. You can also composite or remove things from the screen—almost like Photoshop—with greater flexibility. And no matter how radically you edit a clip, you can always go back to the original RAW footage.”

The $10,000 editing suite includes a new Apple Mac Pro computer and a Thunderbolt hard drive. The Mac Pro has two graphics cards capable of driving three 4K displays and the Thunderbolt bus has fast enough transfer rates for editing the larger 4K files. Christian is currently teaching a special topics class so that he and students together can learn more about the new camera and editing equipment.

Written by Kristi Evans

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Students working with Red Camera