Professor Rajagopal Receives Wildcat Innovation Fund Grant

Professor Shravan Rajagopal, an instructor of Graphic Communication and Electronic Imaging, was awarded the Wildcat Innovation Fund grant of $25,000. The grant will be used to procure a Vandercook press, wood type, metal type, type ornaments and a photopolymer platemaker. Professor Rajagopal states that “The letterpress facility will help promote a broad understanding of typographic history and practice by enabling students to master theircraft. Exposing students to setting type by hand, letter by letter, helpsbuild discipline, attention to detail and an acute sensibility to all things typographic. The platemaker in particular, will allow experimentation with alternative processes. Students will now be able to combine digital production methods with traditional printing. Students will also be able to utilize resources such as the Hamilton Wood Type museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin which houses one of the largest collection of wood type in the world.” Plans are in place for a study trip and printing workshop at Hamilton.

Graphic Communication

Hamilton Wood Type Museum