School Hosts Photoshop Wars 2008

Photoshop Wars was hosted by the School of Art and Design on April 4, 2008. Students were given one hour to complete an image utilizing Adobe Photoshop. The image was based on a theme announced at the beginning of the event, which required fast idea development and even faster execution from the participants. The first battle of the day was a solo battle in which each participant completed an image and the battle was won by Chris Paluch. The solo event was followed by a team battle in which teams of two to four participants completed a single image. Coordinated by Stephan Larson, the event was created to have an entertaining, competitive arena for students to show-off their technical, design and conceptual skills. The time limit not only adds to the intensity of the battle, but also mimics a real-world situation where solutions often need to be completed in a very short timeframe. As added motivation, prizes were awarded by a panel of Art and Design faculty and a separate Audience Choice award was determined by the voting of participants and audience.