Taylor Darcy

Production Manager, Creative Producer,
& Director

Taylor Darcy graduated with a BFA in digital cinema in 2012. After living in Marquette since birth, she moved to Chicago shortly after graduation. Her first job involved working on wedding videos for a local shop. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she and the wedding biz weren’t compatible, and a divorce was in order.

Soon after, Taylor joined p3 mediaworks, a Chicago-based, full-service video production company that leverages creativity, knowledge, and craft to tell stories with impact for clients across the world as well as in our own backyard.

Crane - jib shot from onsite of "Convergence"
Crane – jib shot from onsite of “Convergence”

Taylor began editing at p3, but her passion and skill set did not lie there. ­Beginning as a production assistant on set, she’s ascended to production manager, creative producer, and director. She books crew, gear, and travel; casts talent; and fulfills all logistics for travel and local gigs.

Taylor working on set
Taylor working on set

At p3 mediaworks the creative producer/director works on projects that are very different from one another. Taylor has been involved in the production of a pilot, web series, nonprofit narratives, promotional videos, and corporate/industrial shoots. She works not only with talented folks within the industry but also with amazing clients all over the U.S.

Producing/Interviewing Employee for Recruitment video
Producing/Interviewing Employee for Recruitment video
Cineaspace Studios, project "Stage Four" Directed by Wendy Roderweiss
Cineaspace Studios, project “Stage Four” Directed by Wendy Roderweiss

After focusing on her production career for two and a half years, Taylor felt it was time for another challenge and decided to concentrate on her love of all things makeup. At Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry, she has studied everything from the basics to runway, prosthetics, and advanced blood, guts, and gore. In building her career as a makeup artist, she’s already gathered experience in doing makeup for runway, commercial, editorial, and narrative.

Applying makeup on Christian Stolte for a short narrative "Volition"
Applying makeup on Christian Stolte for a short narrative “Volition”
Prosthetic Makeup Application
Prosthetic Makeup Application

In the next few years, Taylor plans to further both her video production and makeup careers in Chicago, gaining knowledge and experience.

p3 mediaworks

Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry

Digital Cinema at Northern Michigan University

Clark Stanton

Lead Playback Graphic Artist for Twisted Media

In 2014, Clark took over the Television side of operations for Twisted Media and worked on a variety of shows including: Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago MED, Empire, The Librarians, Scorpion, Zoo, Agent X, Powers, Being Mary Jane, Bloodline, Satisfaction, and Angie Tribeca, among others. He has completed work for feature films including: The Tank, Geostorm, and Independence Day Resurgence.

Filming Chroma Key Video
Clark Editing Video

Clark graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Computer Art and began his career as an intern with Foundation, doing 3D product renders. After the internship ended, he moved to doing motion graphics at p3 mediaworks, working mostly on corporate explainer and promotional videos. During his time at p3 mediaworks, he worked his way up to become Senior Motion Designer (as well as some IT management) and grew ties to the motion graphics community in Chicago. In 2013, he was given an opportunity to work with Twisted Media on shows like “Legit,” “Crisis,” and “Betrayal” doing graphics for practical playback. In 2014, he left p3 mediaworks to join Twisted Media full-time as a Playback Graphic Artist.

Operating Live Screen Effects On Set
Computer Screen Animation

Clark lives in Chicago and bounces back and forth to LA to help manage graphics on some of Twisted Media’s larger shows. He spends whatever free time he gets with friends and family, or trying to catch up on what other artists are doing in their screen graphics.

Check out Twisted Media!

Shana Baril

Commercial Video Producer

Just days before graduating in 2009 from the Digital Cinema program Shana accepted a Producer / Videographer position at Charter Media (Now Spectrum Reach) here in Marquette, MI.

Filming on Location
Filming on Location

At Spectrum she writes, shoots and edits TV commercials for businesses across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin. She weaves compelling stories and messages that relate to viewers and provides a final video that her customers are proud to show in their community.

The drive to learn never ends as Shana grows in her videography and editing skills each year winning multiple awards for her work. Working for Spectrum has also allowed her the opportunity to be involved with creating an annual travel program called The UP North Show and in 2013 taking the lead producing a documentary on a 100 Day Art Project. Following local artists as they make a commitment to creating art everyday for 100 days.

At home she continues to thrive creatively. Shana enjoys other artistic outlets such as jewelry design, painting and photography.

Vimeo Profile Page: Shana Baril Vimeo Page
Company Web Site: Spectrum Reach Webpage
100 Day Art Documentary: Click to Watch Video


Video Still
Video Still
Video Still
Video Still
Motion Graphic Still
Motion Graphic Still

Matt Ziniel

Filming on 6 Continents

Matt Ziniel feels most in his element shooting people doing what they love in the beautiful outdoors. He graduated from the Art Program in 2009 with his concentration in Digital Cinema. He moved to Denver after graduating to raise his family and break into the industry. With a continuous commitment to work harder than everyone else, he spent several years shooting everything from weddings, to music festivals, to documentary and commercial projects. Through this hard work and a little serendipity, he carved his niche in the outdoor adventure industry, eventually working his way to where he is now; Field Producer and Lead Cinematographer for Jim Shockey’s Uncharted which airs nationally on the Outdoor Channel.

Matt Filming in Africa
Matt Filming in Africa
Matt Filming in Pakistan
Matt Filming in Pakistan

Matt’s work has allowed him to experience and document cultures in many different countries spanning 6 continents. From shattering his own perceptions of a country, Pakistan, to shooting in -60 degrees in the Arctic, to dealing with extreme heat and exotic insects in the the jungles of Paraguay and Zanzibar, each new adventure brings Matt both greater social awareness and a better understanding of the art of digital cinema.

Instagram: mattziniel
Website: mattziniel.com
Matt’s Work: Uncharted

Dusan Harmic

Operating a Production Company

Dusan graduated from NMU in 2003 with a BFA in Computer Art (previously Electronic Imaging) with a diverse skill set including web design and digital cinema. A native of Serbia, Dusan Harminc recently moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he lives with his wife and son. Dusan has produced eight short films and edited two feature-length documentaries along with numerous web site designs for professional cinematographers. He has also worked on a number of commercial projects as cinematographer, director, editor, and producer. He owns and operates his commercial production company called Stumptown Media out of Saint Paul.

Haley Bonar- From a Cage from Dusan Harminc on Vimeo.

Most recently he has produced a feature documentary named Forward about the political strife in Wisconsin, a short form documentary called Overpass Light Brigade which was accepted to over thirty film festivals around the country, and a music video for Haley Bonar’s From a Cage which was co-produced with another NMU grad- Josh Quigley. His biggest passions are time-lapse photography, aerial video, building Legos with his son and binge watching TV shows with his wife.

Duluth Trading Company Video
Duluth Trading Company Video
Over Pass Light Brigade Documentary
Over Pass Light Brigade Documentary

Personal Web Site: Avnoy.com
Company Web Site: Stumptown Media
Vimeo Profile: Stumptown Vimeo Profile