Clark Stanton

Lead Playback Graphic Artist for Twisted Media

In 2014, Clark took over the Television side of operations for Twisted Media and worked on a variety of shows including: Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago MED, Empire, The Librarians, Scorpion, Zoo, Agent X, Powers, Being Mary Jane, Bloodline, Satisfaction, and Angie Tribeca, among others. He has completed work for feature films including: The Tank, Geostorm, and Independence Day Resurgence.

Filming Chroma Key Video
Clark Editing Video

Clark graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Computer Art and began his career as an intern with Foundation, doing 3D product renders. After the internship ended, he moved to doing motion graphics at p3 mediaworks, working mostly on corporate explainer and promotional videos. During his time at p3 mediaworks, he worked his way up to become Senior Motion Designer (as well as some IT management) and grew ties to the motion graphics community in Chicago. In 2013, he was given an opportunity to work with Twisted Media on shows like “Legit,” “Crisis,” and “Betrayal” doing graphics for practical playback. In 2014, he left p3 mediaworks to join Twisted Media full-time as a Playback Graphic Artist.

Operating Live Screen Effects On Set
Computer Screen Animation

Clark lives in Chicago and bounces back and forth to LA to help manage graphics on some of Twisted Media’s larger shows. He spends whatever free time he gets with friends and family, or trying to catch up on what other artists are doing in their screen graphics.

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